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So often the advantages of cloud computing overshadow the fact that a proper implementation is still critical for success, as with any other traditional IT applications.

It is true that getting into the Cloud can be as easy as signing up to a ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) contract, but the reality is far wider than that:

  1. Do you have buy in from the business?
    Is the cloud solution pushed into the organisations or being pulled by it?
  2. Is there a proper exit strategy?
    It may look like an overkill to investigate an exit strategy when starting with a contract on a new technology, but if this is not correctly assessed, then you won’t have a negotiation position for future renewal.
  3. What is the cloud for?
    Is this brought in to develop a business application?  Or is it an off the shelf software product?

If you have concerns about these questions, especially if you have never thought about any of them, we have the expertise to answer them and guide you in your journey to the cloud.  We don’t just develop models on the cloud once your account is setup, we can guide you through the whole process from RFP to renegotiation and manage all the hurdles along the way.

Antonio Flor

Antonio is an Anaplan Architect with over 10 years’ experience in BI reporting and data manipulation and analysis, within the Financial Services and Real Estate sectors. Prior to joining Profit& in 2017, Antonio held long term positions with Swiss Re and Jones Lang LaSalle.Antonio came to the UK from his home in Portugal in 2007, having graduated with a PhD in Environmental Science - renewable energy, waste treatment and mathematical modelling.

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